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Where Does Christian Parenting Training on this Site Come From?

Christian parenting that aims to raise godly kids is not for the faint of heart. Christian parenting training was not born in recent years, but actually comes from a firm conviction that the Bible is the Word of God and children are a heritage on loan from God. As parents we are given a mandate to raise our children in the way of God. But to be able to teach clearly the teachings that will help parents accomplish this goal is a lifelong pursuit that began in the early 70’s for Doug Hammett and his wife. The training available on this site comes from years of personal experience, counseling and coaching of multitudes of parents that were serious about the same objective and publicly teaching for over 40 years on the subject.

Where are We Located?

Doug Hammett is based out of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, Pa where he pastored for 23 years and from which he is now commissioned as a missionary. He can be contacted through his sending church or by contacting him on the mission field of Botswana where he is presently serving.

Who Will Benefit from this Training?

This training is for the parents who desire to build godly children in the years of formation to be godly influencers in the years to come on society.

Unfortunately most training of our day is willing to settle for children that are polite and do well in life. This training is for parents who sincerely desire to raise children that will end up committed to living their lives all out for Jesus Christ and having a world impact.

The principles and suggestions in this training are not designed for those that just want to ‘get by’. It is for those that are committed to raising a godly seed.

Our Philosophy

All training is taken from the Bible and built upon a serious commitment to building followers of Jesus Christ. As such there are many suggestions that are given that are designed after years of experience and interaction with others to help make the goal of raising godly kids a reality.

All of this is delivered in bite sized weekly pieces that also have short action steps each week to help parents implement what they are learning.

Your Action is Needed Now

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Who is Doug Hammett?

Doug Hammett has been in the gospel ministry for over 40 years. He has been involved in many areas of ministry, often covering several areas at the same time. Those areas include Pastor, Church Planter, Missionary, Staff Evangelist, College Professor and President, Author, and a Life/Ministry Coach.

Doug has traveled extensively on mission trips around the world as well as preaching for Bible, Missions and Revival Conferences. He has a heart for God’s people and desires especially to help preachers advance their ministry for Christ, whether in the United States or on the foreign field.

Doug and his wife, Beverly, have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

You can read more at his blog: www.PurposedCoachingBlog.com

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