Christian Parents

Christian Parents

Christian Parents

Raising a family and doing it successfully is a tremendous challenge for Christian parents, and it always has been.

Adam and Eve struggled with their family.

Noah had his failures.

Abraham certainly did not have a 100% record.

And the list could go on.

Today we are challenged with the influences from so many different sources that would sweep our children away in the way of our times instead of showing them the way they should go. The basic building block in this great challenge is a stable home run by Christian parents.

Every child is different and therefore needs special attention if our approach to teaching, discipline and overall rearing of our children is going to be successful.

By knowing God personally you will have the guidance you need in His Word.

By knowing your child you will have the insight you need to wisely apply Biblical principles.

Christian families around the world have relied on Bible principles to guide their approach to raising strong, healthy, happy and godly families. While life will throw some definite challenges your way, as a Christian parent you the Bible will provide you a guide map for your journey into raising children that honor and please the Lord. The Bible becomes a blueprint for life that can help your family become strong, vibrant and close-knit.

Providing Christian Parents in the Home is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Child

Christian parenting begins with having a strong and serious relationship with the Lord. This relationship cannot be fake or weak if we are to have the clear help and guidance of God in the dilemmas that will face us in raising our children.

Then when that bond is secure we are then in need of building on the second most important relationship, the one between the father and mother.

This relationship can show the child the way in life by living out Bible truth in front of the children being raised in the family.

There are challenges that enter into every human relationship. Rather than seeing these as threats we should address them as great opportunities to show our children that the Bible has the answer and that a relationship with Christ makes all the difference in this world. By working through difficult circumstances we show our children that life will not always go their way. And we show them that God does have the answers for the difficulties of life.

By daily living out their relationship with Christ and with each other, Christian parents show their children the value of living in a way that pleases God. They also illustrate the lessons of unconditional love in the midst of sometimes difficult relationships. More is caught than taught at these times and Christian parents are wise when they realize this fact.

By working through difficulties the parents will build an environment in the home of safety, security and stability that will help their children grow and thrive.

Children have examples of destruction all around them with many of their friends families breaking up. Those examples put undue pressure on the child, but a strong family bond between mom and dad with reassure the child. That security will go a long way toward relieving the pressure on young minds and allow them to focus on growing and developing.

Divorce really is not an option for Christian Parents

Traditional Christian parenting and lifestyle choices will help to solidify your marriage. They will also build peace of mind for the child knowing that breaking up is not an option. God always has a way if both parents will work toward that goal of godliness.

This commitment in the marriage relationship will teach lessons of honesty, integrity and commitment that will never be taught as well in words alone. By modeling this type of selfless living you will be teaching your children what to look for in a spouse as well.

Teaching Life Lessons as a Christian Parent

By facing the challenges of life together as Christian parents you will be teaching while you are at the same time modeling how to live with an open Bible, committed walk with God and genuine commitment to work together with your spouse. This will arm your child with confidence in the guidance of God through the storms of life.

When children grow up in a home with Christian parents they learn how to live a full, rich life that exemplifies the teachings of Christ and values of God’s Word.

This type of living will produce peace, happiness, contentment and joy as the Bible is lived out before the eyes of the children. As these children grow to make wise, Biblical choices they will grow to enjoy walking in unison with their family and more importantly with their God.

Christian parents will set an atmosphere of prayer as well. Not only as a ritual at the dinner table, but more importantly through the difficulties of life. This prayer life cannot be faked, but will show the child not just some habit, but more to the point, a dependence on a good God that can be trusted when things are difficult.

The response of Christian parents to difficult situations will be that of love, respect and commitment to God’s way instead of selfishness. This will teach the child love, compassion and patience as they live out the commands of Christ in their life.

This kind of commitment is more than just words between the mother and father. It must be a heart commitment that is built and nurtured. This life lived out by Christian parents becomes a fruitful classroom of life.

The old saying, “do what I say and not what I do,” simply will not work, you must make sure your home displays Christian parenting and values. Live your life according to God’s plan and commit to making your marriage reflect Christ’s plan for love between a man and a woman and your children will follow along the same path when they find a mate and leave your home.

Knowing you have given your children, and in turn your future grandchildren, the gift of Christ-like living will give you pleasure, joy and peace of mind in your golden years and as you watch your family grow and expand.

The bottom line is that nothing can teach your children as well as a Christian life lived out between their mom and dad before their eyes. Christian parents first model what they want in their children and then labor at teaching and training that will show them the way to go.

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