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by admin on August 19, 2014

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How to Discipline a Toddler – Temper Tantrum Part 4 of 5
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Discipline is a hotly debated subject in the secular world. But the Bible teaching is really quite clear once you understand what is taught and especially compare parental discipline to God’s discipline of his children. There is a world of information available once you catch this concept.

In this video Doug Hammett briefly explores some of the common mistakes in disciplining of children and then points you in the direction of godly discipline that works.

Discipline is not just about stopping bad behavior but also about teaching and training for right and new behavior.

When a child is having a temper fit, we should realize it is a teaching time that is setting up for us. If we are prepared Biblically we can use this time for great benefit for the child.

But to teach a toddler, we will need to begin with ourselves. We will find that we not only can approach tantrums with a clear head, but also model the behaviour we expect in our children.
But this all begins with the parents having a rule over their own spirit.
How cool are you under fire when your child is out of control?

If you want to know how to handle temper tantrums I recommend you watch this whole series and learn how to discipline a toddler the Bible way.

The series is as follows:

1. Temper Tantrum Definition – Temper Tantrum Part 1 of 5

2. Toddler Temper Tantrums – Temper Tantrum Part 2 of 5

3.  How to Handle Temper Tantrums – Temper Tantrum Part 3 of 5

4. How to Stop Temper Tantrums – Temper Tantrum Part 3 of 5

5. How to Discipline a Toddler – Temper Tantrum Part 5 of 5

You can find out about the simple STOP Formula for dealing with Temper Tantrums in children by going to

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