How to Stop Temper Tantrums – Part 4 of 5

by admin on August 12, 2014

Check this 4th video out…

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ow to stop temper tantrums is a subject that age will dictate part of the answer. In this video you will hear a truth that will help you in so many areas of parenting if grasped.

You will also be exposed to how to deal with temper tantrums in young children and be able to interrupt the process to bring calmness to a situation.

Every child has a temper and needs guidance to be able to learn to control it themselves. And control it they can as they learn from the parent truths that will help them and see modeled the proper behavior you want to bring about. Teaching your child that tantrums are not acceptable ways of getting your desires is a real key here.


If you want to know how to handle temper tantrums I recommend you watch this whole series and learn how to discipline a toddler the Bible way.

The series is as follows:

1. Temper Tantrum Definition – Temper Tantrum Part 1 of 5

2. Toddler Temper Tantrums – Temper Tantrum Part 2 of 5

3. How to Handle Temper Tantrums – Temper Tantrum Part 3 of 5



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